Zero-Emission Yard TrucksTextile

Mandatory Transition to Zero-Emission Yard Trucks

Yard trucks are subject to the Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation (ACF) Drayage Truck Requirements and other regulations. On April 28, 2023, California Air Resource Board (CARB) approved the ACF regulation, which includes Drayage and Yard Truck Requirements to transition to zero-emissions. The ACF drayage truck registration deadline is December 31, 2023. What is a Drayage/Yard Truck? Drayage trucks (aka Yard Truck) are in-use class 7 and 8 on-road, heavy-duty trucks that transport containers and bulk goods to and from seaports …
Textile ManipulationTextile

Exploring Textile Manipulation Techniques: Unlocking the Creative Potential

Textile manipulation is an art form that transcends mere sewing and stitching; it’s a realm where creativity meets craftsmanship, allowing designers and artisans to push the boundaries of fabric manipulation to create stunning and unique textiles. From pleating and smocking to shirring and quilting, the techniques employed in textile manipulation offer endless possibilities for innovation and expression. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of textile manipulation, exploring various techniques, their applications, and how they can elevate your …