2018 8FBE20U-15870

Forklift Includes:
189″ Fsv, 4-Way hydraulic, Side shift Fork Positioner, 42″ Forks, Solid Pneumatic, Strobe, 36 Volt Battery and 480 3ph Charger.

  • Our Toyota Lift Northwest Pre-Owned Forklifts have a Full 30-day Warranty and a 90-day Powertrain Warranty.
  • Undergo a rigorous inspection.
  • Are fully reconditioned before sale.
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The Toyota 3-Wheel Electric Forklift is a multi-use forklift that leads the industry in run time, travel speeds, and lift/lowering speeds. Available in a “short” model, the ergonomically pleasing, easy-to-maintain 3-Wheel Electric Forklift is an asset to any application, including narrow aisles and tight spaces. With more than 30 advances, this forklift is more versatile than ever. Welcome to a whole new world of uptime, efficiency, and productivity-enhancing performance. Spend less time on maintenance and more time getting things done.

Before we consider adding it to our forklift fleet, all pre-owned material handling equipment is thoroughly inspected to meet a strict list of criteria. When rolling off the assembly line, we recondition the lifts inside and out to look and function. We even have our own paint booth on site!

Low prices
Your budget restricts you from purchasing new, but you need equipment now. Our preowned equipment is up to the task! We carry pre-owned forklifts and equipment of all classes, including pallet jacks, reach trucks, and Toyota Heavy Duty Forklifts.